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Mom-Ease Concierge Services

A solid family foundation is built on trust and support. Babies may not come with instruction manuals – but they CAN come with a postpartum doula/concierge!

As incredible as it is coming home with a new baby, you can often be left feeling overwhelmed and in a fog. Duties that seemed so simple & straightforward before baby now seem like mountainous challenges. 

My comprehensive hands-on support and coaching will help you take on your new role as a mother with grace and confidence. With my one-on-one Postpartum Concierge services, you can focus on the important stuff – like bonding with your baby, or catching some much needed Zzz’s!

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Signature Package

  • Virtual assistance with calendar management and scheduling.

  • Managing online orders and deliveries.

  • Parenting Consultations:

  • Regular virtual meetings to discuss parenting concerns and strategies.

  • Access to a library of parenting resources.

  • Wellness and Self-Care:

  • Virtual fitness or wellness consultations.

  • Assistance with finding virtual self-care activities.

  • Special Events Coordination:

  • Planning and coordination of virtual family gatherings or celebrations.

  • Availability:

  • 20 hours of virtual assistance per month.

  • Priority access to urgent virtual support.

  • Investment:

Preferred Package

Assistance with online shopping and gift sourcing.
Managing digital tasks and basic administrative support.
Parenting Guidance:

Monthly virtual check-ins for parenting advice and support.
Wellness Recommendations:

Curated list of virtual wellness and self-care resources.

12 hours of virtual assistance per month.
Email and scheduled virtual support during business hours.

Business Interview
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Essential Pakage

  • Basic online research and recommendations.

  • Managing online appointments 

  • Parenting Tips:

  • Monthly newsletter with parenting tips and resources.

  • Wellness Suggestions:

  • Monthly virtual wellness tips and suggestions.

  • Availability:

  • 6 hours of virtual assistance per month.

  • Email support during business hours.

  • Investment:

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